"People in Motion", the theme of the first VisionWorks Award, offered the young designers the opportunity to deal with the overall subject of movement. The students developed concepts of how people will move in the future - at home, the workplace, and in their leisure time. The choice of topic is based on the survey "Future Living 2020". For this survey, Bayer MaterialScience’s Creative Center teamed up with other companies from the Open Innovation network "future bizz" to conceive two future scenarios concerning living and working in the year 2020, based on the "Scenario Method".The survey’s findings formed the foundation of the competition, and served as an inspiration to the participants.

VisionWorks - the mission statement of Bayer MaterialScience - is also the mission statement of the competition.
In the VISION category the participants had to convincingly present a forward-looking, futuristic idea. In the WORKS category the focus was on feasibility. It was about visions which can turn into concrete products. The students were asked to design an object based on an idea that can be easily communicated.

The submitted entries were evaluated according to various criteria. Apart from the intelligent application of the material and the idea, the jury also assessed the degree of innovation, functionality and formal quality.
In the VISION category the visionary potential played an integral role, whereas in the WORKS category feasibility was in the focus of attention.