"People in Motion": The subject of the first VisionWorks Award has inspired the design newcomers in an impressive way. The submitted works share one characteristic: They show a high level of sophistication. Many participants not only dealt with various materials and the possibilities of their application, but especially with future-related questions: What will our society be like in the future? With which objects will we surround ourselves in the future? How will we design the cities and spaces which we will inhabit in the year 2020? An analogy to the questions asked in the corporate world - and not least at Bayer MaterialScience. After all, manufacturers are also concerned with questions relating to specific consumer requirements, to wishes that can already or not quite be fulfilled. Obviously, they want to be wellprepared

to solve tomorrow‘s problems, for example by being able to offer the right materials at the right time. The jury felt that many of the students’ ideas, like those emerging from the field of individual energy generation, were worthy of consideration, even though they were not yet mature enough to receive an award. The four winning designs explore different forms of movement. One addresses motion in space, another the regulation of increasing traffic volumes. A third award-winning design is dedicated to movement through existing urban structures. The fourth selected entry expands a person’s radius of movement in inhospitable environments. Concepts that will someday turn into reality? Who knows? In any case convincing presentations that rightfully deserve the VisionWorks Award.